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In the year 2020, all untapped minerals in the bowels of the earth were diluted and transformed into poisonous gases by the Aqua Regia Storm. Expelled through every open pit mine on the planet, the gas leak killed around 80 percent of the total world population in less than a month. Fifty years after, located in what was once Northern Quebec, the New Abitibi Independent Communities Confederacy (NAICC) faces, together with many communities around the world, the challenge of building a new global system.

Before the dilution the village of Agbogbloshie, a former wetland in Accra, Ghana, West Africa, was home of the world’s largest e-waste dumping site. Filled with tons of technological garbage, rapidly it became the center of the new world; its population, highly tech-skilled, travels around the world sharing knowledge, trying to keep the world connected.