Piece by composer Daniel Leguizamón
Eastern Bloc Gallery. Montreal, QC. 2013

[N] Is a work about the soloist related to himself, to his instrument[s], to his notion of time's passing, and to his linkage to a particular place. As such, the piece proposes a situation that, although it may be considered meaningful or poetic by itself, is minded to accept additional significations and concepts contributed by the interpreter [here «soloist» means the person, not necessarily a musician, who makes the actions].

The work is assembled by five different parts, one of which is to be performed before the public while the other four are superimposed on scene with the help of a video projection. The realization of each of these parts involves the execution of actions —whether sonorous or physical— determined by the soloist based on his own interests, needs and possibilities: improvisation, creation, quotation; anything fortuitous, unpredictable, or anecdotal, conceptual or rational... everything may be used. The definition and differentiation of these actions is established according to the indications given in the general and particular schemes.